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A Movie I Love:
Mulan. Always will be my favorite.
An Action Movie I Love:
Mad Max: Fury Road. I'm not usually one for action movies but this was fucking awesome.
A Drama I Love:
I'll have to say Brokeback Mountain. It's one of the few drama movies I've watched over the past few years and the one that sticks out in my mind the most.
A Western I Love:
... I hate westerns lol. No hatred towards people who like them but they are really not my thing.
A Horror Movie I Love:
One of my favorite genres! It's hard to pick just one but it will probably be A Tale of Two Sisters (korean movie). It's a bit old but one of the best examples of a good psychological horror film.
A Comedy I Love:
Again, difficult for me to narrow down because I love comedy movies but probably Death at a Funeral. It does a fucking fantastic job of showing black comedy. (And I mean the English one lol)
A Romance Movie I Love:
Ah not my genre. :P The only time I watch romance movies is when it has lesbians in it because put lesbians in it and we'll probably watch it. I'll probably have to go with Carol then. They even had a happy ending and not dead!
A Noir I Love:
I don't think I've ever even watched a Noir film.
A Disney Movie I Love:
This is really hard because I fucking love disney movies but probably Moana. It was so god damn good.
A Sci Fi Movie I Love:
Probably Star Wars. :P
An Animated Movie I Love:
The Nightmare Before Christmas
A Superhero Movie I Love:
If I say the Incredibles is that bad?
A War Movie I Love:
I am not one for War Movies.
An Exploitation Movie I Love:
Don't really have one.
A Musical I Love:
The Producers; both versions. I will never get enough of that musical. :D
An Historical Movie I Love:
Like hell of I know, haha. I know I've seen historical movies but nothing really springs to mind.
A Bad Movie I Love:
Probably one of those bad lesbian romance movies. Hah like Debs. It's cringeworthy at times because of how campy is but I fucking love it.
A Childhood Favorite:
Oh so difficult. Probably any disney movies made in the 90's.
A Shakespeare Movie I Love:
Can I say Lion King? I think that is the closest I've gotten to watching a Shakespeare movie lmao.
A Franchise I Love:
Star Wars! Rouge One was... ugh. ;_; I loved it.
A Trilogy I Love:
Star Wars - Episodes IV, V, VI. We don't talk about the prequels but I have hope for the newest batch.
A Guilty Pleasure I Love:
Those shitty Lifetime movies. I used to hate watch those all the time.
A Movie Recently Seen:
I watched Split last night and it was actually pretty good.
My Favourite of This Year:
Beauty and the Beast because it's the only one I've seen this year.
A Favorite of All Time:
This is difficult but I'll Say Mulan. :P I love that movie so much.
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A Tale of Two Sisters is one of my favorites. I love the tension in it. I really liked the original "eyes". The remake was pretty good too, honestly. :)