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Dear Space Swap Author,

Thank you so much for writing for me. :) And let me apologize for not linking this letter to my sign up. I totally forgot when signups ended and forgot to finish and link the letter! I really do apologize for that.

I’m open to lots of stuff and am so excited to get fic for one of my pairings. One thing I really want is a happy ending. I don’t like downer endings.

I have a list of my likes and dislikes; then, I go into more specific stuff about the fandoms I requested. There’s lots of stuff there, but, most importantly, I want you to have fun. I’m sure I’ll enjoy anything you make that doesn’t have my squicks. :)

Click on one of the links below, and it will take you to the part you want to read.

Likes and Dislikes
Mass Effect
Original Work
Rogue One

• Canon timelines
• Smut
• Snark
• Fluff
• Random situations
• Angst
• First dates
• playful banter
• cuddling
• happy endings
• domesticity
• characters who wear glasses
• AUs (No Mundane AU’s like coffee shop, high school, etc.)
• first times
• humor fic and humor in general
• Friends to lovers trope
• magical people and worlds
• slice of life things
• all of the firsts in a relationship or friendship
• drunken confessions
• accepting injury to protect someone else
• atonement
• illnesses
• disappearing
• falls from grace
• being forced to face your fear
• hospital stays
• hugs
• learning to be loved
• mistaken identity
• being on the run
• taking care of someone
• trapped together
• trust issues
• five times fics
• cuddling
• strong women
• bi characters
• accidental bonds
• wing fic

• Character death
• non-con
• dub-con
• incest
• mpreg
• body swap
• kid fic
• pregnancy
• mundane AUs such as coffee shop AU, high school AU, etc.
• epistolary fic
• gay for you
• bi erasure
• excessive angst,
• lack of happy endings.
• humiliation/embarrassment

Original Work

I'm excited to see what original works you'll come up with If we match on this! There's always a lot more possibilities when it comes to Original Work.

Mostly ship M/M and F/F unless otherwise specified.

Female Space Pirate:

1. The stories they tell about her are an exaggeration at best. She never took down a space station; only parts of it.

2. Where do they like to call home when they're not out in space pirating?

3. She's never gotten herself caught... until one day her luck runs out. Lucky for her, she has a pretty good crew.

Space Pirate/Alien:

1. A pirate has a pretty diverse group of crew members so when another alien wants to join, they don't bat an eyelash.

2. The other crew members think their Captain and First mate are a little too close to just be considered friends.

3. A fight while in the middle of a raid. There is a time for everything.


1. They signed up to become one of the first 50 colonists on this newly discovered planet. At first, they jumped at the chance but once they step off the shuttle, they have second thoughts.

2. A colonist is about to go on their first trip into space. Cue all the nerves.

3. All they were was a colonist in a small farming community on some obscure planet. How the hell did they become involved in space politics?

Alien/Space Adventurer

1. Give me a fic that features some culture class between these two. I imagine there would be trouble-- especially if the alien culture is very different.

2. The Adventurer is used to alien's looking down on them for exploring space. Humans are just primitives, obviously. What happens an alien looks at them in a different way entirely?

3. An inter-species wedding, What can possibly go wrong?

Space Adventurer:

1. Their hope is to explore space. Now if only they could afford a damn space ship!

2. A space adventurer discovers a new planet.

3. They wish people would stop calling them a pirate. For god's sake, they are an adventurer... who just so happens to take priceless artifacts from alien planets.

Mass Effect

I am about ten years late to the awesomeness that is Mass Effect because I'm ten years behind on everything. This game… ugh. I could fangirl about it for hours tbh.

The entire month of December was dedicated to playing the trilogy and all dlc’s so I'm all caught up on everything. I’ll just end my rambling about this fandom now and get to the rest of my letter. If I don’t we will be here for a long time. :P

Female Shepard:

Oh Shep. I love this character so much and what she faced at the end of Mass Effect 3 killed me. This is why I prefer the destroy ending because at least we have a chance that Shep is still alive. So if you write about Shep and focus on post-canon, please go with the destroy ending.

Your custom Shep or the generic one is fine with me. I have no preference.

1. A fic that explores Shepard's origins. (I don't have any preference for Shep's background. Just a fic exploring their life before the Alliance would be awesome.)

2. Given what happened before the events of Mass Effect 1, we know Shep must face some PTSD. Thankfully Anderson was there. After the events in London however, she doesn't have the luxury of leaning on him. He's gone; because of her.

3. Shepard looks in the mirror every morning and tries to remember where old scars and marks used to be. Even if it's a struggle to remember, Shepard refuses to stop because she wants to remember who she was, not who Cerebus made her to be.

Female Shepard/Garrus Vakarian:

This ship has ruined all other ships in the Mass Effect universe for me. I just can't romance anyone else because of Garrus fucking Vakarian.

Only thing I ask is that if you write something that is set after Mass Effect 3, I'd like Shepard to live. Whether it be through the destroy ending, the happy ending mod, or an AU of your own creation. BBs deserve to be happy after all the shit they have been put through.

1. The whole ‘falling through a fish tank’ thing isn't the best story to break the ice with your in laws but Garrus insists on telling it anyway.

2. A fluffy, smutty, or just happy fic post reaper war. Possible retirement or different careers? One can't want to be the savior of the galaxy forever and god knows Shepard and Garrus need a break.

3. A more in-depth take on Garrus seeing Shepard again on Omega and vice versa.

Urdot Wrex:

How can you not spare Wrex in the first game? I mean he has some great one liners and their friendship is fucking awesome. :D Plus, I love Wrex on his own. The dude puts his home world first and ends up becoming a great leader.

1. Wrex agrees to name the first one Mordin but is insistent on the next one being named Shepard. Bakura has no arguments there.

2. A character study in Wrex. From mercenary to helping restore the Krogan home world.

3. Wrex trying to find someone to help babysit his Krogan babies. Or better yet teaching his children how to fight; among other things.

Garrus Vakarian:

Ugh Garrus. That voice, his witty comebacks, and loyalty to his friends always get me. When you find him on Omega, I always have so many feels because the poor bb!turian is just so fucking broken over what happened to his team.

The guy needs happiness. So much of it.

1 I was always curious about Garrus's Omega years. Give me a story that deals with the moment he left the Citadel to his surprise reunion with Shepard.

2. At first, he did try to be a good Turnian but eventually Garrus realized he never would be; much to the chagrin of his dad.

3. After the Reapers are destroyed, everyone struggles to get on with their lives; Garrus included.

Rogue One

This movie was fucking awesome. I expected it to be pretty good based on how TFA turned out but I found myself more immersed into the storyline. I mean, we are given these characters who have never been introduced before and the movie does a great job of having them meeting and then travel together.

Of course, everyone died but I pretty much expected that to happen. :P

Jyn Erso

1. A character study on Jyn. As her father lay dying in her arms, she struggles to remember the man he was so many years ago.

2. We don't know about the years after Jyn had been abandoned at 16. How did she survive? How did she learn to fight?

3. Jyn's final thoughts before the planet is destroyed.

Jyn Erso & K2-SO

Um, I just want to say these two were fucking hilarious. Oh K2-SO and his snark!

1. When these two first met they hated one another. Of course near the end their was mutual respect and a budding friendship.

2. It isn't quite fair that Jyn gets a blaster. Why on earth can't he have one, too?

3. Jyn thoughts when K2 decides to stay back so Jyn and Cassian can go on ahead.

Thank you so much mysterious author!


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