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Dear AU Exchange Author,

Thank you so much for writing for me. :)

I’m open to lots of stuff and am so excited to get fic for one of my pairings. One thing I really want is a happy ending. I don’t like downer endings.

I have a list of my likes and dislikes; then, I go into more specific stuff about the fandoms I requested. There’s lots of stuff there, but, most importantly, I want you to have fun. I’m sure I’ll enjoy anything you make that doesn’t have my squicks. :)

Click on one of the links below, and it will take you to the part you want to read.

Likes and Dislikes
Mass Effect: Andromeda
Dragon Age
Mass Effect Trilogy

• Canon timelines
• Smut
• Snark
• Fluff
• Random situations
• Angst
• First dates
• playful banter
• cuddling
• happy endings
• domesticity
• characters who wear glasses
• AUs (No Mundane AU’s like coffee shop, high school, etc.)
• first times
• humor fic and humor in general
• Friends to lovers trope
• magical people and worlds
• slice of life things
• all of the firsts in a relationship or friendship
• drunken confessions
• accepting injury to protect someone else
• atonement
• illnesses
• disappearing
• falls from grace
• being forced to face your fear
• hospital stays
• hugs
• learning to be loved
• mistaken identity
• being on the run
• taking care of someone
• trapped together
• trust issues
• five times fics
• cuddling
• strong women
• bi characters
• accidental bonds
• wing fic

• Character death
• non-con
• dub-con
• incest
• mpreg
• body swap
• kid fic
• pregnancy
• mundane AUs such as coffee shop AU, high school AU, etc.
• epistolary fic
• gay for you
• bi erasure
• excessive angst,
• lack of happy endings.
• humiliation/embarrassment

Mass Effect: Andromeda (Female Ryder, Jaal Ama Darav, Female Ryder & Male Ryder)
AU Tags Chosen:

• Angaran celebrations includes lots of public sex.
• Alec chooses to save himself.
• Diplomatic Marriage.
• Sam is corrupted by a virus.
• One of the Ryder Twins became an exile.
• The Ryder Twins both become Pathfinders.

I can't express how much I fucking love this fandom. Yes, the game does have its flaws but I have fallen in love with the characters. I can only hope that they are used for future games.

For all of these you can use custom Female Ryder or the default Sara Ryder. Ship wise, I preferred Jaal/F!Ryder but gen is fine since I didn’t remember to nominate the pairing. :P Most prompts will be gen but can easily be tweaked if you feel like it.

1, F! Ryder is invited to Aya (along with the rest of the Tempest crew) to celebrate the victory against the Archon. It's there something… unexpected happens. (Say being surprised at how intimate the celebrations or the Moashe suggesting a marriage between the Pathfinder and an Angara to further diplomatic relations.)

2. Instead of saving one of his children, Alec saves himself. The other twin wakes up and soon learns the truth. (Would prefer Sara be the one to wake up)

3. Male Ryder was woken up months before his family. When Female Ryder finally gets to get Nexus, she learns her brother's fate and sets out to find him.

4. F!Ryder is thrilled to have SAM back after what happened with the Archon but after awhile it becomes clear, SAM didn't come back right.

5. After her brother is healed, he is named a Pathfinder as well. Imagine Evfra’s horror when Jaal since there are two of them.

Dragon Age (Female Inquisitor, Female Warden/Alistair, Female Inquisitor/Iron Bull<, Female Inquisitor/Cullen Rutherford)/b>

AU Tags Chosen:

• Solas is convinced the world is worth saving.
• Forced to consume large amounts of dragon blood.
• Solas takes the Inquisitor with him after Trespasser.
• King Alistair marries an elf warden despite objections.

I can squeal about the Dragon Age series for hours. Best series ever! If only I had played the games in order instead of backwards then I would've understood the lore better. :P

When it comes to the type of Inquisitors I am fine with any class. :) Default name or custom name also doesn't matter to me. Ship wise, I’m a fan of the two ships I listed above but if you write just Female Inquisitor, gen is fine by me as well.

1, It's exactly as the tag says. Alistair marries an elf, dwarf, or mage Warden before becoming king.

2. The Inquisition might be disbanded and her arm gone but f!Inquisitor is determined to show Solas the world is worth saving. Imagine her surprise when it works.

3. Solas takes the Inquisitor with him after Trespasser. Reason us up to you. How does the Inquisitor react? I'm sure their LI (if you give them one) and the other members of the Inquisition are not happy.

4. The Inquisitor is forced to drink dragon blood. (Maybe they are captured and forced, do so in desperation because they want to make sure they kill Corypheus, or they do so because they are injured.)

Mass Effect Trilogy (Female Shepard, Garrus Vakarian, Female Shepard/Garrus Vakarian)

AU Tags Chosen:
• Training together as a spectre.
• Everybody lives.
• Garrus and Shepard start a relationship during the first game.
• Female Shepard and Male Shepard are siblings.

What can I say about this game that hasn’t been said? A fucking beautiful game with great characters. Only thing I disliked was the ending of Mass Effect 3 but that is why we have fanfic my friends!

I am fine with any background or class for Shepard. Same goes for a custom Shep or the default. Ship wise, I’m pretty strictly Shakarian but if you choose to write just about Female Shep, gen is fine. :)

1, The Normandy crew tries to rebuild their lives after defeating the Reapers. At least they have each other.

2. Garrus remained in the running to become a Spectre. Imagine his surprise when he gets stuck training alongside the possible first human Spectre.

3. Imagine if Garrus and Shep were an item during the first game. That's the only thing changed though. Shepard still dies.

4. One of the Shepard siblings joins the other on the Normandy during the events of ME3.

Thank you so much!


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