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It's been a bit since I updated but nothing has been really going on in my life with the exception of working a lot and trying to write. Been doing good so far! I'm averaging about 1k a day which for me is a large important. Of course, my original stories are falling behind in favor of tons of fanfic writing but at least I am writing?

On a random note, I've started watching M*A*S*H and it's fucking awesome and deserving of everything anyone has ever said about it. I can't believe I just started watching it but to be fair I am only 29. My preference is season 3 and after. I like the chemistry between Hawkeye and BJ more. Plus Sherman T. Potter. :D Though I never had a dislike for Henry Blake.

So yep, that's about it!
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Been struggling with laragytisi for like three weeks now. It's gotten a little better but I finally went to the doctor because the hoarseness just isn't going away. She put me on antibiotics so maybe that will help. I'm a fucking loud person and just can't shut up so it didn't help. :P

Plus, one of my clients I take care of six days out of the week is really hard of hearing and you pretty much need to shout everything for her to hear you. That also didn't help.

In other news, I saw Wonder Woman last week and omfg it's amazing. I loved it. I had my doubts but it definitely exceeded expectations.

... and why is the babadook now a spokesmodel for pride month? I am always 1000 years behind on memes. Though the idea of him holding up a rainbow flag does make him less scary.

That's about it.
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I haven't been up to much lately. Work has been crazy and all of my free time at home has been playing Prey... which is totally my fault but it's an awesome game. :P

I'm usually not one for First Person Shooters (usually play RPG's in third person) but it's amazing. Very few cut scenes or characters to interact with. It's mostly just you on the space station trying to avoid Typhons. And jump scares because the damn enemies can turn into random shit like coffee cups.

Yeah, won't look at coffee cups the same.

Now that I've finished maybe I can get back to writing... or get distracted by something else. :P
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Welp I haven't been journaling on a daily or weekly basis for quite awhile but I am going to try to get back into it after all the bullshit going down over on LJ. (Like fuck you LJ. Seriously.) Only reason I'm still there is because of Omonatheydidn't.

So a short intro; I'm a cisgendered 28 year old autistic lesbian who is married with two cats. I love kpop and play to many video games. Also, I write. That pretty much sums me up in a nutshell.

Life is rather boring today. I need to get ready for work in an hour and work on a tumblr I help mod when I get home (it's kpop. Surprised? nah.). Oh and work on the million fic exchanges I've signed up for. Seriously I have a problem! D:

Really should get my arse ready for work now. Especially since I want to save up money for kcon ny! I didn't know if I was going to go but then Twice was announced to preform followed by Gfriend.


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