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Dear Every Woman Author,

Thank you so much for writing for me. :)

I’m open to lots of stuff and am so excited to get fic for one of my pairings. One thing I really want is a happy ending. I don’t like downer endings.

I have a list of my likes and dislikes; then, I go into more specific stuff about the fandoms I requested. There’s lots of stuff there, but, most importantly, I want you to have fun. I’m sure I’ll enjoy anything you make that doesn’t have my squicks. :)

Click on one of the links below, and it will take you to the part you want to read.

Likes and Dislikes
Mass Effect
Dragon Age

• Canon timelines
• Smut
• Snark
• Fluff
• Random situations
• Angst
• First dates
• playful banter
• cuddling
• happy endings
• domesticity
• characters who wear glasses
• AUs (No Mundane AU’s like coffee shop, high school, etc.)
• first times
• humor fic and humor in general
• Friends to lovers trope
• magical people and worlds
• slice of life things
• all of the firsts in a relationship or friendship
• drunken confessions
• accepting injury to protect someone else
• atonement
• illnesses
• disappearing
• falls from grace
• being forced to face your fear
• hospital stays
• hugs
• learning to be loved
• mistaken identity
• being on the run
• taking care of someone
• trapped together
• trust issues
• five times fics
• cuddling
• strong women
• bi characters
• accidental bonds
• wing fic

• Character death
• non-con
• dub-con
• incest
• mpreg
• body swap
• kid fic
• pregnancy
• mundane AUs such as coffee shop AU, high school AU, etc.
• epistolary fic
• gay for you
• bi erasure
• excessive angst,
• lack of happy endings.
• humiliation/embarrassment

Mass Effect

I can't express how much I fucking love this fandom. Yes, the game does have its flaws but I have fallen in love with the characters. I can only hope that they are used for future games.

For all of these you can use custom Female Ryder or the default Sara Ryder. Ship wise, I preferred Jaal/F!Ryder and Vetra/F!Ryder but gen is totally fine with me. :)

Female Ryder

1. A fic that explores f!Ryder’s relationship with her brother. (Maybe the two spending some time together after he wakes up from the coma or pre-andromeda relationship)

2. F!Ryder can’t believe her father chose her to be Pathfinder. With every decision she makes, it just make her think she is definitely the wrong person for the job.

3. It’s weird having an AI in your head but after traveling with SAM for all these months, f!Ryder can’t imagine him not being there.

Female Ryder & Vetra Nyx

1. Ryder and Vetra bond over their frustrating (but wonderful) siblings.

2. Humans hate the cold but when they head down to Voled for a mission, Ryder discovers Turians hate it much more.

3. Vetra tries to cook Ryder dinner a second time and this time it turns out much better than the steak.

Dragon Age

I can squeal about the Dragon Age series for hours. Best series ever! If only I had played the games in order instead of backwards then I would've understood the lore better. :P

Ship wise I prefer Iron Bull/F!Inquisitor, Cullen/F! Inquisitor, and Fenris/F!Hawke. When it comes to the type of Inquisitors and Hawkes I am fine with any background, race, and class. :) Default name or custom name also doesn't matter to me.

Female Inquisitor

1. A look into one of the backgrounds of the Inquisitor. (Say Trevelyan in the circle or Lavellan with her clan)

2. Give me a Inquisitor who struggles with their role as the Herald then as Inquisitor. I want to see a little bit of that struggle.

3. The aftermath of the final battle with Corypheus. Finally, the Inquisitor gets some downtime.

Female Hawke

1. A moment in the Hawke household when F!Hawke is younger. (Bonding between siblings, parents, or being a child in Lothering.)

2. Hawke makes her way to Skyhold, determined to help. She is the who unleashed Corypheus onto Thedas, after all.

3. A game of wicked grace with her companions.


I will be happy with anything for the characters I chose. Such possibilities! :D As long as you are aware of my likes and dislikes, I'll enjoy it.

Human kidnapped by Faeries & Changeling Replacement

1. A human child is eventually rescued by her mother. Her mother takes them back home along with the changeling replacement.Write a fic where they grow up together as siblings. (Can be happy or angsty)

2. What is life like for the child kidnapped by faeries? Are they treated well? Or you can write about life for the Changeling child.

3. Once they turn eighteen, the two find out about who they really are and decide to meet.

Magic Shop Owner & Sentient Magic Object

1. The one who runs the shop when she has to leave is a talking (object of your choice). She knows they can handle themselves.

2. She never meant to enchant that object. It was a spell gone wrong and now it won’t shut the hell up.

3. A fic that is in the POV of the object.

Thank you so much!
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