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Hollis Reed | 35 | Played by Richard Sherman

Hollis Reed was born and raised on earth but in his early 20’s expressed a desire to experience life is space so he took piloting classes and saved up money before leaving the planet permanently. He was eventually able to buy his own ship, starting his own mobile private investigation business, which he runs on his ship.

In school, Hollis met Franklin Harris who was also learning to pilot. Things led to another and eventually the two ended up getting married. At 35, Hollis lives a comfortable life with his husband that is eventually thrown off course by Zarah and Sebastian.

Franklin Harris-Reed | 35 | Played by Darryl Stephens

Franklin Harris-Reed grew up as Galactic Task Force brat. His parents were both task force members and as a result, they spent a lot of time moving from station to station, planet to planet, or station to planet. By the time they settled on Earth, he was in his late teens.

He went from job to job before eventually deciding to learn to pilot. There he met Hollis who shared a similar interest in flying a ship in space; an idea that thrilled Franklin to no ends.

Today they run their own PI business via their ship. It’s only when Zarah shows up unexpectedly that things start to get complicated for the two.

Keisha Ramsey | 36 | Played by Sameera Reddy

Keisha Ramsey is one of the first people Zarah met after coming to Artemis Station. Unlike the rest of the characters, Keisha was born and raised on Artemis Station. She went to school for business but after coming into a decent amount of money after divorcing her husband, Keisha bought a bar and decided to run it herself.

It’s at that bar where Zarah is given her first job but even after Zarah moves on to a different career the two stay good friends. She see’s Zarah as a younger sister who makes terrible decisions. Naturally she doesn’t think it’s a good idea when Sebastian hires her.
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