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For the new comm Showverse - Challenge 1, creating characters.

The 'verse is called A Bounty's Tale. An original fic of mine that I'm playing with for this community with the hopes it will get me to write more for it.


A Bounty’s Tale tells the story of bail enforcement agent Zarah Hale and former advisor to the Tiberius Prime Minister, Sebastian De Clare who meet one evening in a pub on Artemis Station. Zarah is a no nonsense bounty hunter who has a penchant for getting the job done and making sarcastic comments at ill advised times. Sebastian is an all around average, quiet guy trying to make life on Tiberius better for all of it’s residents but ultimately finds himself on the run due to the corruption running rampant on the planet.

These two couldn’t have lived more different lives. They meet as a result of Sebastian trying to raise money to get back to Tiberius by playing poker. When the plan fails and he can’t pay, Zarah steps in and in her own words ‘saves his ass’. It should have ended there but then Sebastian tells Zarah his life story and says he managed to escape the planet with a usb full of encrypted but devastating evidence of fraud on the planet.

With no money but a promise to pay in full once they decrypt the information and expose it on the planet and an expensive watch as a down payment, Sebastian tries to hire Zarah to help him. Despite Sarah's friend Keisha’s insistence that it’s a bad idea, she agrees to the terms. Now all they have to do is find a ship and that is where Hollis and Franklin come in.

Zarah Hale | 27 | Played by Nathalie Emmanuel

Zarah Hale is a Bail Enforcement Agent (Or Bounty Hunter) living on Artemis Station. She was born and raised on Earth (North East, USA) but after the death of her parents at age eighteen, she hopped on a shuttle off the planet.

For a few years, Zarah worked at a friend’s pub on Artemis Station. Zarah eventually grew sick of it and decided to get a galactic license as a bail enforcement agent.

The first time we meet Zarah is when she’s stumbling into a friend’s bar after tracking down a particularly difficult to find criminal. It’s there she stumbles into Sebastian who, in her opinion, is the worst poker player to ever walk the galaxy.

Sebastian De Clare | 30 | Played by Calum Worthy

Sebastian De Clare was born and raised on the planet of Tiberius. He grew up to eventually go to college and study law. A while after graduating, Sebastian was given a position in the Prime Minister’s cabinet courtesy of his brother Nathaniel who recently got himself as PM of Tiberius.

A few years into the job, Nathaniel falls ill and a temporary PM is assigned. There Sebastian discovers the fraud and corruption running rampant on Tiberius. He is eventually forced to flee the planet once they discover he has damning information (encrypted, of course, but Sebastian still in in possession of it) about all their illegal exploits.

He soon finds himself on Artemis Station in desperate need to find a way to get back to Tiberius and expose the corruption. Luckily, Zarah is more than willing to help.

And now the title card and tag line...


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