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Dear Press Start Author,

Thank you so much for writing for me. :)

I’m open to lots of stuff and am so excited to get fic for one of my pairings. One thing I really want is a happy ending. I don’t like downer endings.

I have a list of my likes and dislikes; then, I go into more specific stuff about the fandoms I requested. There’s lots of stuff there, but, most importantly, I want you to have fun. I’m sure I’ll enjoy anything you make that doesn’t have my squicks. :)

Click on one of the links below, and it will take you to the part you want to read.

Likes and Dislikes
Mass Effect: Andromeda
Dragon Age
Mass Effect Trilogy
Horizon Zero Dawn
Life is Strange

• Canon timelines
• Smut
• Snark
• Fluff
• Random situations
• Angst
• First dates
• playful banter
• cuddling
• happy endings
• domesticity
• characters who wear glasses
• AUs (No Mundane AU’s like coffee shop, high school, etc.)
• first times
• humor fic and humor in general
• Friends to lovers trope
• magical people and worlds
• slice of life things
• all of the firsts in a relationship or friendship
• drunken confessions
• accepting injury to protect someone else
• atonement
• illnesses
• disappearing
• falls from grace
• being forced to face your fear
• hospital stays
• hugs
• learning to be loved
• mistaken identity
• being on the run
• taking care of someone
• trapped together
• trust issues
• five times fics
• cuddling
• strong women
• bi characters
• accidental bonds
• wing fic

• Character death
• non-con
• dub-con
• incest
• mpreg
• body swap
• kid fic
• pregnancy
• mundane AUs such as coffee shop AU, high school AU, etc.
• epistolary fic
• gay for you
• bi erasure
• excessive angst,
• lack of happy endings.
• humiliation/embarrassment

Mass Effect: Andromeda

I can't express how much I fucking love this fandom. Yes, the game does have its flaws but I have fallen in love with the characters. I can only hope that they are used for future games.

For all of these you can use custom Female Ryder or the default Sara Ryder. Ship wise, I preferred Jaal/F!Ryder but gen is fine since I didn’t remember to nominate the pairing. :P Most prompts will be gen but can easily be tweaked if you feel like it.

Female Ryder:

1. A fic that explores f!Ryder’s relationship with her brother. (Maybe the two spending some time together after he wakes up from the coma or pre-andromeda relationship)

2. F!Ryder can’t believe her father chose her to be Pathfinder. With every decision she makes, it just make her think she is definitely the wrong person for the job.

3. It’s weird having an AI in your head but after traveling with SAM for all these months, f!Ryder can’t imagine him not being there.

4. F!Ryder and her LI spend some time together after defeating the Archon.

Jaal Ama Darav:

1. Jaal’s first thoughts upon first meeting the Pathfinder and how that changes over time.

2. A fic that explores Jaal trying to come to terms with exaltation and the fact that they were created by another species.

3. Somehow, Jaal fell for an alien. He’s still not quite sure how it happened.

4. The friendship between Jaal and Evfra.

Dragon Age

I can squeal about the Dragon Age series for hours. Best series ever! If only I had played the games in order instead of backwards then I would've understood the lore better. :P

When it comes to the type of Inquisitors I am fine with any class. :) Default name or custom name also doesn't matter to me.

Female Lavellan & Female Trevelyan:

1. A look into one of the backgrounds of these Inquisitors. (Trevelyan in the circle or Lavellan with her clan)

2. Give me a Inquisitor who struggles with their role as the Herald then as Inquisitor. I want to see a little bit of that struggle.

3. The aftermath of the final battle with Corypheus. Finally, the Inquisitor gets some downtime.

4. She has lost her arm. How does she deal with this and/or what does she do after disbanding the Inquisition?

Alistair/Female Trevelyan:

1. King Alistair and the Inquisitor get married. For political reasons, of course, but eventually it turns into more-- much to the surprise of both.

2. Warden!Alistair escapes from the fade with the Inquisitor and decides to stick around Skyhold for a bit longer.

3. Alistair mourning the Warden (his first love) and finally moving on with the Inquisitor who he did not expect to find.

4. King Alistair visits Skyhold and meets his snark match in one Inquisitor Trevelyan.

Abelas/Female Lavellan:

1. The Sentinels come to Skyhold and join the Inquisition.

2. Lavellan seeks refuge among the Sentinels after discovering that Solas is Dread Wolf.

3. After drinking from the Well of Sorrows, Lavellan looks to Abelas to help understand all the information it holds.

4. A tentative friendship forms between Abelas and Lavellan-- which eventually turns into more.

Mass Effect Trilogy

What can I say about this game that hasn’t been said? A fucking beautiful game with great characters. Only thing I disliked was the ending of Mass Effect 3 but that is why we have fanfic my friends!

I am fine with any background or class for Shepard. Same goes for a custom Shep or the default.

1. Garrus and Shepard in the aftermath of the Reaper war; trying to rebuild their lives.

2. Meet the parents. Either Shep meets Garrus’s family or Garrus meets Hannah Shepard.

3. An AU where both Garrus and Shepard were Spectres.

4. A relationship study from the first time Garrus and Shep met to when they have to part at the end of ME3.


I haven’t played many first person shooters but I’m glad I did because this game was amazing. It’s a very time consuming and difficult game but I love the idea of the Typhon’s and the world they have created in Prey. Plus, Morgan! I only wish we got to see more of Morgan Yu.

For fic, I would prefer if Morgan Yu is female. It’s just what I played Morgan as and what I headcanon this character as (though obviously you can play both genders). Also, some of these prompts will have spoilers! Be warned.

1. A look into Morgan Yu’s childhood. From what we know about Alex and Morgan’s parents, they are pretty fucking horrible. I’m sure Alex and Morgan had their happy moments together though.

2. Mikhaila Ilyushin and Morgan had a good thing going-- until they didn’t.

3. At the end of the game, Typhon!Morgan takes Alex’s hand and struggles to understand it’s new purpose.

4. We are led to believe that Morgan is dead at the end of the game. How exactly did this happen?

Horizon Zero Dawn

Oh this game. One of the best fucking games of 2017. The character of Aloy is great and the world open world is so fun to explore and heart wrenching after you find out exactly what happened to the old world. (Fuck you Ted)

Spoilers will be abundant in these prompts so read at your own risk! I ship Aloy with most of her friends in the game so you can pair her with one of them or just keep it Gen. :P

1. Aloy makes several visits to Elisabet over the years. She is her mother, after all.

2. Saving the world wasn't such a bad thing. Well, mostly because of the people she met along the way. Without them, Aloy didn't know where she would be.

3. Aloy must feel some type of way about the Nora shunning her for years and then suddenly welcoming her with open arms when the ‘All Mother’ deems her worthy. I’d like a fic that explores Aloy’s potential bitterness and trying to come to terms with the past.

4. After pretty much saving the world, Aloy decides to take Avad up on his offer and joins the Vanguard. (Can be platonic or romantic.)

Life is Strange

I have a love hate relationship with this game. On the one hand, I fucking love the characters and the relationship between Max and Chloe but then you have the ending in episode 5. Like fuck I’ll save the Bay over my Bae.

I’ve seen the playthrough teasers, trailers, etc. of Before the Storm so I’m all caught up on that. By the time this fic is due that prequel will just be going out I think but rest assured I will have played most of what has been released at that point. :P

1. In one of the looks into Before the Storm, we see that Chloe has a chance to tell Rachel what she wants their relationship to be. Pick the option where Chloe makes it known to Rachel that she wants to date her.

2. Chloe reflects on the short time she had with Rachel and tries to accept the fact that she is fucking gone.

3. An AU where Rachel lives. (Maybe Max can somehow save her, or somehow she never overdosed. IDK. Just go where your muse takes you.)

4. Chloe has always struggled with her sexuality but then Rachel came into her life and she couldn’t ignore it anymore.


Like always, I played this game backwards but I was more interested in Emily’s story at first. Not that I don’t like Corvo but I like that we had an opportunity to play as a female protagonist. Plus, Billie Lurk. I fucking love her.

I’ve finished the game on Low and High chaos but do prefer Low chaos. I’m to nice lol.

Billie Lurk | Meagan Foster:

1. Billie decides to look for Daud.

2. A character study of Billie and what led her to make the decisions she did.

3. When Daud decides to let Billie go, she doesn’t know what to do with herself. So she decides to literally start over. A new name is the best way to start too.

4. With one arm and eye missing, people tend to underestimate her. That’s their first mistake. Billie has no problem taking care of herself.

Billie Lurk | Meagan Foster/Emily Kaldwin:

1. Emily appoints Billie as the Royal Protector.

2. The first thoughts they have of each other and how it changes over time.

3. Billie doesn’t think much of Emily at first but she eventually proves her wrong.

4. She tries to explain the whole ‘going back in time and changing the future thing’ to Billie who, to her surprise, accepts it pretty easily.

Thank you so much!


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