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Written for this community: http://fffc.dreamwidth.org/ for the May special where you write one sentence per prompt. I chose the Emotional Prompts table.

All of these are written for Mass Effect Andromeda. Pairing is my custom Female!Ryder/Jaal Ama Darav

1. overwhelmed

The requests and demands for the Pathfinder’s assistance sometimes becomes so much to handle that Cheska tells SAM to lock her quarters and shut off the comm so she can can curl up on the bed and just ride out the panic attack.

2. anticipation

After six hundred and thirty four years in cryo, Cheska’s first feeling when waking is anticipation for their future in Andromeda; once her dad dies and names her Pathfinder, it immediately turns to dread.

3. exhaustion

Cheska drags herself back onto the Tempest with every step taking more effort than the previous; Lexi hovers close by and for that Cheska remains grateful in case her body finally gives out due to the exhaustion she’d been trying to fend off for days.

4. humiliation

Back in the Milky Way, having the last name Ryder was like having a target on her back; there were whispers everywhere of how unhinged Alec Ryder had become, and even more than six hundred years couldn’t bury those memories, and the shame attached to them, deep enough in Cheska’s mind.

5. optimistic

Cheska wasn’t known for being optimistic, but when the Angaran named “Jaal” leaned close to actually chuckle at her lame attempt at a joke, she had a feeling this might at least not end with her death.

6. surprised

“Open your eyes,” Jaal gently urged and when Cheska did, she couldn’t contain the gasp of surprise even if she’d wanted too.

7. confused

Sometimes, she would see Jaal give the same teasing smiles and gentle touches to the rest of the Tempest crew, leaving her to wonder: just where did they stand with one another?

8. sympathy

“You… have my sympathies, Ryder. We lost a good man when your father died,” Addison remarked, and it took every ounce of willpower for Cheska not to shout that Addison's sympathies were the last thing she wanted.

9. anger

Her mother wasn't dead; if anything, Cheska should be overjoyed at the fact, but all she felt was anger towards her father for not being able to let their mother go.

10. sad

The sadness emanating from Jaal's cries nearly stopped Cheska in her tracks; as much as Cheska wanted to comfort her friend, they needed to take out the Kett and rescue the Moshae.

11. energetic

“Yes, again,” Cheska breathed out, granting Jaal permission as she spread her legs further; she’d climaxed once already but stopping was the furthest thing from Cheska’s mind.

12. hyper

Try as she might, Cheska just couldn't keep up on the dance floor with Peebee, even with the help of the AI in her head.

13. pleased

Cheska knew that Angara were more open with their emotions but it still didn’t prepare her for being asked by Jaal’s true mother if he pleased her.

14. thankful

“I will forever be thankful that you and your crew crashed onto Aya,” Jaal told Cheska, who nearly swooned at the words.

15. mischievous

When Cheska’s morning schedule was mysteriously postponed, she asked SAM about it, and he answered with what Cheska swore would be a mischievous gleam in it’s eye, if only SAM had eyes.

16. bliss

Cora remarked in the early stages of Cheska’s relationship with Jaal that they were in the ‘honeymoon stage’; explaining what that meant to Jaal led to an awkward, albeit surprisingly pleasant, conversation involving marriage plans.

17. tired

When Cheska and Jaal were finally allotted time to rest in the Pathfinder’s quarters, she was too tired to do anything other find comfort in his embrace and mutter words - “good night; i love you” - too softly for the translator to pick up

18. broken

Cheska felt her badly bruised hand tingle under the heat of Lexi’s disapproving gaze, and whispered to SAM over their private channel, “Make sure she doesn’t find out I did this by losing it and punching the wall.”

19. calm

The first time Cheska was called ‘Pathfinder’ she pretended to be calm so that no one would guess on the inside she was screaming ‘WHAT THE FUCK!’.

20. lonely

Even with a full crew that Cheska considered her family, there was a certain kind of loneliness that couldn’t be filled by anyone but her baby brother.

21. defeated

With SAM taken from her and Matios in the Archon’s hands, it would have been so easy to give into defeat, but Cheska kept pushing forward.

22. cold

Business on Voeld was miserable, but at least Jaal had given Cheska his rofjin to keep warm.

23. love

“I love you, Cheska Ryder,” Jaal proclaimed, drawing a sound Cheska would deny sounded anything like a squeal.

24. hope

Having the entire Initiative pin all their hopes on her was enough to make Cheska wish she had been the one to die on Habitat 7.

25. shock

Distantly Cheska thought she heard Cora shout “She’s in shock” but the world blurred around her, eventually drawing Cheska into a darkness that kept calling out her.

26. relief

Relief flooded Cheska's body at the sight of Matios sitting up in bed, awake and no longer in a coma; she had her baby brother back.

27. tears

“Happy tears,” Cheska assured Jaal before pulling him down for a kiss.

28. laughter

The first time Cheska heard Jaal laugh, the sound was enough to stop her in the middle of prepping her weapon just so she could admire the sound.

29. thrilled

Though the exhaustion had Cheska swaying on her feet, it couldn’t rob her of the joy she felt over the fact that the they found Meridian and were all actually still alive.

30. remorse

Cheska was furious at her father for forcing her into a position she was so totally unprepared for, but on her medical chart were the words, “PTSD, Survivor's Guilt.”


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